Sparking a generational conversation.

Except for the AARP, a non-profit advocacy group with 40 million members over 50, Babyboomers are woefully underserved in the online content and lifestyle market. thinkspace was tasked with strategic user and market research and concept ideation to develop a brand new online content destination, geared specifically to this generation. We dug deep, listened and learned that Babyboomers felt much younger, were much more socially connected and technology savvy then ever before understood. We gave a new user centric content direction and Boomers what they wanted most: A voice.


SITE TYPE: online news, lifestyle and content destination

RESPONSIBILITIES: ideation, brand architecture



Far from dwindling into the shadows of irrelevance, Baby Boomers are the largest demographic segment today. They spend about $2 trillion annually. Born between the years 1946 and 1964, these pioneers of the Youth Culture form a cohort over 77 million strong, but nobody seemed to be listening. Two thirds of sites launched in 2008 for this demographic had shut down since then. No real capital flown into this lucrative online market. No big content, news or lifestyle players had entered to serve this growing audience and traffic numbers and rankings were shockingly low.



We immediately honed in on the fact that Baby Boomers feel a lot younger than they are. For these new readers, there are no rocking chairs in their future – they prefer pilates, hiking, biking, volunteering, wine clubs, book clubs, university classes, telecommuting, yoga, golf, tennis, senior dating and plenty of social activities. They are grabbing their iPhones and tablets, keeping in touch with gadgets and scheduling out their week. Whether it’s a 55 + community, country club or condo, our Baby Boomers will make the best of it driving their Corvette, traveling to Europe and keeping in touch on Skype!



With a completely new brand and content concept, is now well on their series A funding round. And just as they have done before with the youth and peace movement, women’s lib and civil rights, our Boomers once again will have the power to dispel prejudice and ignorance, this time about aging, change the way we think about it and move all of us forward… once again.