Take the work out of networking.

Thinkspace was tasked to innovate in the mobile fitness space and find an opportunity at the intersections of social networking, fitness and meetup. Everything at Thinkspace starts with the user and a fierce dedication to understanding their goals, needs and lifestyle, as well as the market, mobile eco-system, adoption patterns and underlying business issues. When you embark on exhaustive data driven user and market research in search of a “big idea”, you never know what you are going to find. We found a healthier, smarter way to do business: a brand new iPhone app that combines networking with working out so you never have to choose again between staying healthy and advancing your career.


SITE TYPE: iPhone application, social networking

RESPONSIBILITIES: ideation, brand architecture,, information architecture, user, customer experience, and interface design, product development, user, acquisition and to- market roll-out



Meet-up features had been tagged onto many general health-and-fitness apps, tugged away between workout stats and GPS tracking, how-to and motivational features, but had failed to align with users lifestyle to gain any meaningful adoption. Could we incubate a product and design a business case around it that re-imagined fitness and connecting people in a completely new way? User, business and technology-appropriate experiences had to be designed from the ground up for every stage of engagement: From acquisition, activation, retention, referral and monetization to foster same- side and cross-side networking effects and adoption.



“Sweatworking”: A new way to bond with clients, colleagues, and like-minded professionals by combining networking with working out. By combining work with working out through offline meetup, benefits are increased for both and it’s usefulness is immediately apparent. If we build it on top of LinkedIn, add mobility, geo-location, social, in-app messaging, scheduling and recommendation features and put everything in the palm of your hand, Sweatworking is poised to become the new powerlunch. Our agile workflow insured fast iteration from prototype to alpha testing, early adopter beta and launch in the app store this spring in under 7 months.



Join us now for our private beat or this spring in the App Store. Health and Fitness matters. Career matters. Balance matters. Thinkspace brings them seamlessly together so you can advance without making compromises. All you have to be is motivated, fitin helps you fit it all in.