Saving an ecommerce start-up in mid development from certain turn-around.

Moms are huge multi-taskers, which is equally true for the businesses that want to serve them. Their customers want what’s best for their little ones but are also extremely value-conscious and time-starved, which requires todays’ online marketers to operate more efficiently than ever across all aspects, from operations to platform experience. And just as becoming a parent can be an intense period of learning and often stressful transition, so is building an ecommerce platform experience from scratch. With our virtualized approach to every business function we gave MyBlueBirdie and Moms what they needed most: piece of mind.


SITE TYPE: eCommerce

RESPONSIBILITIES: development, information architecture, user experience and interaction design, project management, strategy



The launch of MyBlueBirdie, an ambitious guided ecommerce site for young and expecting parents was dangerously behind schedule. 6 months into development, the project was plagued by deep and unresolved IA & UX issues. Problems with off-shore developers were compounded by the absence of adequate project documentation. Furthermore, mbb’s stated goal, of an editorially driven shopping experience seemed in jeopardy since site development and online and offline business processes had to be integrated with multiple third party vendors while internal and external personnel decisions still unresolved.



Within 6 short weeks, thinkspace was able to deliver and complete all project documentation and user experience design, consistent milestone deliveries reestablished trust and accountability with all internal and external stakeholders. Automated business rules for all frontend and backend processes were installed to make the small startup team nimble and ROI intensive.



MBB launched beta in July and publicly in November 2012 . with the resounding resounding proof of concept came a second round of funding.