REP wanted a b2b SaaS iPad application that delivered turnkey services for multiple clients with unlimited number of devices. The enterprise application had to be powerful enough to support in-field sales processes for small to midsize enterprises, affordable, deliver actionable business intelligence and not require upfront customization. we gave REP exactly what they wanted and then some. thinkspace designed a fully native sale suite and an executive admin dashboard with a complete set of real-time point of sale analytics, key performance metrics and data visualization, taking any salesforce where they need to be: truly mobile.


SITE TYPE: SaaS enterprise ipad application

RESPONSIBILITIES: project requirement brief (PRB), information and system architecture, user experience and interaction design



SellAp is a lightweight yet powerful enterprise solution for running, deploying and managing a custom iPad application that supports in-field sales force processes and presentations for small to mid-size enterprises. The application features a fully native sales and presentation suite and an executive / administrative dashboard with a wide set of real-time point of sale analytics, key performance metrics and data visualization. SellAp functions as a native and web based application, seamlessly caching dynamic data for when network connectivity is available again. SellAp is architected to be a multi-tenant B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) model that includes licensing and turnkey service offerings for multiple accounts / clients with unlimited number of devices.



Site Admin List • Site Architecture • Wireframes • Functional and Programming Specifications and Instructions • Project Requirement Brief (PRB)